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Alice Kalilimoku

SuperStar Director

I first met Orville In August of 1990 in Tacoma, Washington when he brought my daughter Heidi home from college. He was going to be in the Seattle area to go to a friend's wedding and offered to have Heidi come along so she could visit with Fred and I for the weekend. To make a long story short I immediately loved Orville and just knew that he and Heidi would marry. Orville and I hit it off right away and I shortly loved him like the son I never had. I wanted to help him in any way I could to be the success I knew he could be. I encouraged him and praised him, as I knew he just needed the right opportunity. The Scentsy story begins with two stay-at-home moms who were looking to start a business that could work around their children and provide some financial support to their families. At a home show, Orville met the two stay at home moms who started Scentsy. Orville was intrigued with the Scentsy idea of flameless candles and loved the products right away. He took some product home to Heidi and she loved it as much as he did. He and Heidi decided to buy the company in 2004. After studying different ways to market the product, Heidi told Orville that Scentsy should be a direct sales company. The women saw that they could better bless their families by selling the business and asked Orville and Heidi to buy it.  Orville and Heidi realized they could better bless their own growing family by doing so, and on May 1, 2004 Orville and Heidi Thompson bought the Scentsy Company. Heidi dug in to their new venture, while Orville continued to travel for Event Sales, their primary business at the time.  She studied different business models and looked closely at direct marketing and discovered the Direct Selling Association.  She sent Orville to attend a Direct Selling Association DSA national meeting in New Orleans and that's where they got the idea to launch Scentsy as a "Party Plan" company. This type of business model fit perfectly with what they had already experienced when Heidi was sharing the scent testers with her family and just two months after purchasing the company, Orville and Heidi Launched Scentsy as a Party Plan company. Fred and I showed up at Scentsy to help and just never left. Orville and Heidi needed help and we wanted to help them. They never asked up to help them but we knew they were in debt and it was either sink or swim and we decided to help them all we could. We went to Michaels and purchased plastic jewelry boxes and tore off the tops of them. We then mixed up the wax and poured it into the plastic boxes. We then discovered that it was almost impossible to get the bars out of the molds. In desperation we stuck them in a freezer and to our surprise they popped out like ice cubes. Fred and I then shrunk-wrapped them and placed labels on each bar. It was necessary to put the trays of bars in the freezer and refrigerator that we rotate the different fragrances every few hours so that would all get chilled so we could get them out of the trays. We mixed the wax with the fragrance, color and other secret ingredients and poured them from one pitcher to another to mix everything together. We often had to stop and remix from pitcher to pitcher again to keep the ingredients from settling to the bottom of the pitcher. It was a hard tiresome job. We had lots of different bars to make plus all of the testers. They had to all be labeled and placed in bins to be available our party orders we shipped out to consultants. We purchased our warmers from a supplier and they had to be removed from the boxes they arrived in and we then folded a new Scentsy box for the new warmer. Every 40-watt light bulb had to be removed from the warmer and we then replaced them with a new 25-watt bulb. Everything we did was so labor intensive. It was hard tedious work. We stood on cement floors all day. We worked 6 long days a week. As hard as the work was it was also a joy. It was wonderful meeting the new consultants and helping them get their orders together. It was new and exciting to watch the changes in Scentsy as it grew and grew as others found out about the opportunity and joined the Scentsy Family. We wanted to help Orville and Heidi get a business going so they could support their little family. It was really exciting being a part of the Scentsy beginning. Orville and Heidi continued to work tirelessly along with Fred and I. We worked at no salary for over two years. To keep up with the demand, and it was not uncommon for Scentsy's early consultants to show up and help pack and ship their own party orders.  In these early years Orville and Heidi, along with family and friends poured, cooled, packed and shipped all the wickless candles, themselves. In December of 2006 I signed up to be a consultant myself. I felt that Scentsy did not need us so much as they had hired several employees and I wanted to show Heidi & Orville another side of me. I became a Director in September of 2007 and then in September of 2008 I became a Star Director and then in November of 2008 became a Superstar Director. I have earned sales awards and mentor awards as well as being nominated for Shining Star Award. I am so proud of my group of Scentsy consultants. They are amazing and I just love to be around them and to feel their energy. In just under two years Scentsy outgrew the small warehouse space and in June 2006, moved to a 5000 sq-ft facility, then, with more than 600% growth in July 2007 relocated again, filling 42,000 sq-ft at a new facility.  In October 2007, an additional 14,000 sq-ft distribution center was opened in Illinois to handle Scentsy's growth in the Eastern United States. Between July of 2008 Scentsy announced at our convention in Boise that they had installed two automated custom designed candle bar injection machines named affectionately "Alice" and "Fred" after Fred and I because of all the time we donated to Scentsy's initial success.  By then end of 2008 several other injection machines had been added and Scentsy had more than doubled their footprint in their building to 100,000 sq-ft. In 2009, Scentsy opened the companies doors to Canada and now operates in all 50 States, Puerto Rico, Canada and Guam In 2010 they opened England and Germany. There seems to be no end of what Scentsy can do. If you love candles and would like to know more about Scentsy, please contact me. I would love to share the love of Scentsy I have with you and if you can see having your own business I would love to have you join my team.Copyright 2011 - Alice Kalilimoku - (208) 884-4058

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